REAL ESTATE - Diversity

A community doesn’t just happen. It’s a complex blend of people and their attitudes and values. It’s also about jobs, schools, services and places to hang out and have fun. Although a house, condo or apartment doesn’t make a community, a wide range of housing options attracts folks of varied ages, interests and income levels. And this rich milieu is the social fabric that a well-balanced community is built on.

Kensington Island Properties (KIP) is committed to providing affordable, as well as high-end single and multi-family units. The development will include housing alternatives for families with young children right up to assisted living facilities for seniors. Parks, trails and public gathering places will add to the ambiance.

At the heart of KIP will be a high-density European-style waterfront village. This village will contain approx 500 units consisting of both high-end and moderately priced condominiums as well as a small hotel, restaurant and retail shops overlooking Baynes Sound, a 100+ berth marina and the waterfront portion of the golf course (link). The neighbourhood will also be the site the golf clubhouse with a high-end restaurant and villas overlooking the 18th green.

The village will also contain a seniors’ housing project, which will provide a variety of accommodation ranging from independent living to assisted care. And across Hart Creek to the north along the waterfront, a low-density, high-end condominium development will take full advantage of the stunning views of Baynes Sound and the golf course.

On the property west of Highway 19A and south of Hart Creek, housing will embrace the principles of “smart growth” to allow for as much green space as possible. And, since the land gently slopes upward, many of the properties will have fabulous views of Baynes Sound, as well as the Strait of Georgia, outlying islands and the snow-covered peaks of the Mainland mountains.

This inland portion of KIP provides the opportunity for moderately priced housing with a density of four to five homes per acre. There will also be some high-end homes on larger parcels and, at the uppermost part of the site, two to three-storey multiple family apartments.

The entire development will feature an abundance of natural vegetation connected by a system of trails and parks, as well as a public path along the waterfront and Hart Creek corridor. The site plan also includes amenities such as a school, interpretive centre, playing field and a fire hall.

From concept to construction KIP is committed to creating a community that is diverse, environmentally sound and attractive to residents of a variety of ages, lifestyles and financial resources.

Hillside and Hilltown residential land. Rendering of housing in extended fairway.