Who lives in Union Bay? Well pretty much anyone that loves water and mountain views, clean air and an abundance of outdoor activities right outside their door or only a short drive away.

The Kensington Island Property (KIP) development will also appeal to people who are concerned about the environment (see ENVIRONMENTAL), the sustainability of their community and who want to leave a legacy of environmental stewardship and conservation for future generations to cherish.

A mix of housing (link) styles will attract people of all ages and budgets. Families with young children will enjoy parks and playgrounds. Retirees will relish the freedom of a low maintenance condo. And seniors requiring care will appreciate being close to parks and the waterfront, as well as a variety of shops and other amenities. Union Bay is also the perfect place for a winter skiing or summer get-away second home.

Who lives in Union Bay? People of all ages, incomes and lifestyles; people with a zest for life and all it has to offer!