CD Zone 1

Of the five Comprehensive Development Zones in the Union Bay project, CD Zone 1 is by far the largest at 583 acres.
This 583 acres lies on a sloping hillside rising from sea level to approximately 300 feet in elevation, providing extraordinary views of Baynes Sound, Denman and Hornby Islands, the Straights of Georgia and the Coastal Mountain Range. 

The land is beautifully benched, with favorable soil conditions for the construction of single and multi-family housing and provides excellent surface drainage. Extensive storm water control has been installed with holding ponds completed.
As presently planned, approx. 1,400 single and multi-family homes will be constructed in CD Zone 1, the majority of which will have the stunning views that most home buyers are looking for.

Since KIP owns the entire property, view corridors will be unobstructed.